jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Bad news

You just can't believe what you've just heard. You don't want to believe it, but it is real and you know it, because it hurts like real. Your heart stops for a second, and you can't breath for a moment, reality falls on your shoulders and you try to cry, but you can't. Even that isn't allowed for you... you are all alone in this world, a world that spins faster and faster around you. You'd like it to stop, not even for a long time, just the time enough for you to cry, scream, shout out loud and get relaxed... as relaxed as he needs you to be... as strong as he needs you to be... you need to sound convincing when saying "don't worry, everything is gonna be allright... you'll see..." You have to believe so... you need the world to stop for a very little while, so you can get your strength back, and lead the fight against life's misadventures... because there is no other way.

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